About Patrick Moore

I have been certified ACRW (Academy Certified Resume Writer) by the Resume Writing Academy, the best in the profession, and have an MBA as well as a Ph.D. in Philosophy. My own professional background includes consulting with Fortune 500 companies, Public Relations and Marketing, and small business management. Patrick Moore, principal Resume Specialties

My immediate goal is to learn your unique combination of abilities and achievements so that I can make you stand out as a unique professional. To achieve this, I will need to know details about your career goals, your past experience and achievements, and about any skills, education, publications, honors, and memberships that help define you as a unique resource to a prospective employer.

My goal is to take your expertise and achievements and your career goal, and find the most effective way of expressing the former to show you are ideal for the latter. Note that I am not a career counselor; I assume that your career choice is a wise one and write accordingly.

Defining Your Unique Professional Identity