Remember, you get what you pay for. Working with Resume Specialties you get much more than a re-formatting of your existing resume. You get personal, in-depth interviewing and information gathering to ensure that your new resume positions your key strengths and achievements as effectively as possible toward the position you are applying for.

For those who need two or more distinct resumes with cover letters (for example, those who wish to apply for two very different positions) we offer additional resumes and cover letters at 50% off the price of the first.

For $1,000 we will write the package of resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, and in addition tailor and personalize the resume to respond directly to as many as four different job openings for a similar position, adding all the needed cover letters for these four applications. You will still have the basic resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile in addition to the up-to-four tailored resumes/letter packages.

Separately, we will tailor a resume and cover letter we have written to a particular job posting for an additional fee of $100 per hour. We also offer counseling for resumes and LinkedIn profiles others have written at $100 per hour.

We require full payment via PayPal or credit card before we start work. You will receive payment instructions after we have agreed to work together.

Please see our Terms of Service.

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