The Process

We start with an initial telephone conversation to get a general understanding of your background and your career goals. We then have you complete a detailed questionnaire that elicits information about your core strengths, your employers, your roles and your successes. We combine this with as many followup telephone interviews as we need to ensure that we fully and clearly understand where you come from and where you want to go, and how best to position your past toward your future.

Once we have collected enough information, we write an initial draft. This draft is usually rough, containing gaps that the writing process has revealed. Follow up conversations serve to elicit the details and explanations needed to complete a second, polished draft that in most cases is close in content and form to the final draft.

We edit and write drafts as long as necessary to make both client and writer happy with the result. For most clients, two drafts before the final are sufficient.

Defining Your Unique Professional Identity