Why a professionally written resume?

Why pay hundreds of dollars for a professionally written resume or LinkedIn profile? The bottom line: because professional documents get you interviews.

HR professionals and hiring managers agree that most resumes get just a few seconds of eye time before the reader decides either to reject it or set it aside for further consideration. To be effective, a resume has to catch the reader’s eye in those few seconds.

ResumeSpecialties aims to create a unique professional identity that grabs the attention of even the busiest reader. To do this we review in depth your career and your achievements and distill from this mass of information a concise, clear and focused document that makes your resume stand out from the dozens it is competing against. We use both a detailed questionnaire and telephone interviews to ensure that we understand your background, your goals and your strengths, and we condense this into a document in which no word is wasted, and in which every sentence helps sell your abilities and achievements.

We have written resumes and LinkedIn profiles for upper-level managers and professionals from all industries.

We are particularly good with:

  • IT
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Engineering
  • the Sciences
  • Healthcare: Management
  • Healthcare: Care givers from MD specialties to nursing
  • Academic specialties

We also specialize in career changes, employment gaps, international clients, and other special cases.

Please contact us to discuss whether our services are right for you.