“I read the letter and resume again and am really happy with the end result! Thank you so much for your help over the past few weeks.”
– Frank D.

“Wow! Well done Patrick. The cover letter too! I am so glad I did this. You know, it may sound funny, but I think having this professionally done and seeing the quality of the work, actually makes me feel more professional and more importantly, puts me in a more professional frame of mind. I don’t think that is a small thing. In fact, that may be an edge that can make a difference. This was well worth the time and money. For the future, as I need to update and revise this, can I request you specifically?”
– Brian C.

“About the resume: WOW! WOW! WOW! It is awesome! The cover letter is equally awesome. You make me sound like a god. I am very, very happy with this resume. I have some friends looking to use a resume service and will send them your way.”
– Brian F.

“This week I had an initial interview with the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, a very prestigious local Foundation. They selected 15 people for an initial interview from over 200 applicants – and my resume that you prepared helped me to join that pool! I have another interview tomorrow with an well-established non-profit senior citizen pharmaceutical advisory program that is a national model for an Associate Director position. This one is a dream job.”
– Mary P.

“You have done an amazing work on my resume. It is an uphill task going from academics to industry, but I am determined. With this help on the resume, I feel really good.”
– Yash M.

“Regarding the resume as a whole…WOW!!! I love it. You did an amazing job putting this together. I am very excited to see what type of response this will bring.”
– Brandon T.

“I will be speaking with [a friend] today, and will suggest that she might want to contract with you for your services. I can’t guarantee that she will be able to do it, but I had already emailed her about how happy I was with your services.”
– Sean W

“Just wanted to let you know that I landed a great position with Atrius Health in Boston; I am a clinical safety and risk manager senior specialist. I want to thank you for your help. I feel that my re-designed resume made a significant difference. I have been working for the past five weeks. I need to put together a small bio for their website, do you think you can assist me? Let me know.”
– Roger S.

“Job offer received from Microsoft Israel. This is probably the best company in Israel for an expat. Many thanks for your excellent work on my resume. In fact, since you re-did my resume, I was 6 for 8 in terms of follow up/contacts/interview from employers.”
– Gil L.

“Thank you sooo much! I sent my resume out to three postings yesterday and I received two responses today. Again thank you!”
– Hasanah A-M

“Patrick, I’d like to thank you for resume help. I used it and was the #1 ranked candidate out of 86 applications for a new job in Colorado that I am accepting. Thanks again!!”
– David S.

“Thanks again for your help. I would love to let it be known to appropriate sources as to my satisfaction regarding your work, so just let me know if there is anyone out there to whom I should sing your praise and I will jump right on it.”
– Anthony H.